I do/did a lot of very random things. And here’s a sneak peak:

Conference Hosting

2023 – Conference on the “Social foundations for statistics and ML” (with Prof. Kasy and C. Gonzalez Perez)
2021 – Conference on “Machine learning and economic inequality”, with Prof. Kasy.
2022 – ML and Economics day at the Oxford Department of Economics’ Research Jamboree 2022 (with Prof. Kasy).


2018 – I was one of ten laureates of the 2018 UNESCO world heritage photography contest
2018 – The same photo was used as a cover of Wërsëg, the latest album of the Senegalese Jazz band Jamm


2007-2011 – I used to swim, competitively – made it to the Olympics, and got a few continental medals (African championships and African games)
I also made the cover of the book “Sport, Les Photos Les Plus Incroyables” by Jean-Damien Lesay.