Teaching at the University of Oxford

Quantitative Methods (Econometrics), Graduate – 2020/2021, 2021/2022

MSc. in Economics for Development, Oxford [syllabus]

The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the use of econometric methods in the study of development economics. Students will be encouraged to apply techniques covered in this course in other components of the MSc, including their dissertation. Topics covered include cross-sectional regression; maximum likelihood; the linear probability model and probit and logit models; tobit; sample selection; (dynamic) panel data estimators; instrumental variable estimation; treatment effects and machine learning. I have been in charge of the tutorials, that consisted in going through practice exercises (deriving the econometric properties and hands-on, on Stata). I restructured the tutorials to incorporate sections with lecture refreshers.

Statistical Coding, Graduate – 2019, 2022

MSc. in Economics for Development, Oxford

This course is in two parts where I was (for a year) the main convener. The first part consists in a four hour an introductory lecture and practical lab on how to use Stata. The second part consisted in supporting students throughout the year on their Master's research project.

Development Economics, Undergraduate – 2019

Exeter Summer School, Oxford